May: All That Breathes

April: All the Beauty and the Bloodshed

March: The Village Detective: a Song Cycle

February: Sidney

January: We Met in Virtual Reality


December: Truth or Consequences

November: We Need to Talk About Cosby

September/October: Attica

August: Faya Dayi

July: Writing with Fire

June: Procession

May: Babylon’13

April: Flee

March: The Velvet Underground

February: The Magic Mountain

January: Britney vs Spears


December: Summer of Soul

November: Philly D.A.

October: The Book of Distance

September: Gunda

August: Allen v. Farrow

July: Coded Bias

June: The Cordillera of Dreams

May: Collective

April: Yours in Sisterhood

March: Time

February: The Social Dilemma

January: Dick Johnson is Dead


December: The Interior

November: Railway Sleepers

October: Disclosure

September: Crip Camp

August: Happy Winter

July: Screwball

June: Honeyland

May: Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem and Madness

April: The Brink

March: The Harvest

February: American Factory

January: Diego Maradona


December: The Edge of Democracy

November: Hail Satan?

October: Anthropocene: the Human Epoch

September: Fyre and Fyre Fraud

August: Makala

July: Shirkers

June: The Judge

May: The Other Side of Everything

April: Luz Obscura

March: Caniba

February: Three Identical Strangers

January: Minding the Gap


December: Grace Jones: Bloodlight and Bami

November: All These Sleepless Nights

October: Faces Places

September: Tokyo Idols

August: Machines

July: Human Flow

June: Starless Dreams

May: Kedi

April: Strong Island

March: Icarus

February: Wormwood

January: Chasing Coral


December: National Bird

November: I Am Not Your Negro

October: Fire at Sea

September: The Prison in Twelve Landscapes

August: Tower

July: Cameraperson

June: Zero Days

May: Toponymy

April: Weiner

March: Oyster Factory

February: 13th

January: The Machine Which Makes Everything Disappear