Docalogue Books

We are proud to announce the launch of the Docalogue Book Series!

Each book in the series highlights a recent documentary film from five different scholarly perspectives. By focusing on a single documentary from multiple points of view, each book demonstrates the ways in which a single film can open onto diverse questions having to do with the status of the “real,” documentary ethics, and the politics of representation, among other issues.  

You can find a link to the video recording of the virtual book launch for I Am Not Your Negro: A Docalogue here

Featuring chapters by: Courtney R. Baker, Laura Rascaroli, Ellen C. Scott, Stephen Casmier, and Toni Pressley-Sanon

June 2020

For a limited time, readers can access I Am Not Your Negro: A Docalogue for free, through the Routledge online ebook platform. The book is also available for purchase via Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and a variety of other book sellers.

Featuring chapters by: Benjamin Schultz-Figueroa, Yiman Wang, Paul Reinsch, Melis Behlil, Chris Cagle, and an interview with Ceyda Torun

March 2021

This book is now available for purchase via Routledge, Amazon, Kobo, and a variety of other book sellers.