Docalogue is an online space for scholars, filmmakers, and documentary enthusiasts to engage in conversation about contemporary documentaries. Each month, we feature one documentary and the conversation is initiated by two writers who have been asked to write a few words about that film. Once these initial posts are up, the site will be open for comments and discussion from the larger community.

This site grew out of our desire for more regular conversations about documentary, outside of the once or twice a year we run into each other at conferences or festivals. But, our hope is that this format will also lead to a productive dialogue about the possibilities – and perhaps problems – of the documentary form in the current moment.

These docalogues are curated by documentary scholars Jaimie Baron and Kristen Fuhs, who will choose each month’s films and writers. However, participants should feel free to suggest films and contributors for future consideration.

Questions or problems? Contact the editors at thedocalogue@gmail.com. You can also tweet us @docalogue or find us at facebook.com/docalogue